GWA at Cultivate ’16

Cultivate Group Shot McCormick.jpg
GWA members gather at Cultivate ’16 for a Connect Meeting

by Ann McCormick

Cultivate Flower Birthday Cake.jpg
A birthday cake made with ‘SunPatiens’ impatiens

Thanks to a generous offer by AmericanHort, over two dozen GWA members enjoyed free registration to Cultivate ’16 in Columbus, Ohio. I was delighted to be one of those able to attend this event, billed as “the largest all-industry trade show in North America.”

My first impression matched the descriptions I heard from others who had previously attended. Exhibitors covered every aspect of the horticultural world – from plant breeders, to greenhouse suppliers, to retail nurseries and everything imaginable in between. I was warned that they exhibit floor was large and I should be prepared for lots of walking. They were right. Wearing comfortable track shoes and sporting a just-purchased rolling briefcase stocked with a notepad and a thick stack of business cards, I hit the trade floor. Continue reading “GWA at Cultivate ’16”

Moving Yourself Forward: Garden Geeks, Communications Careers, and Masterminds

Mastermind MeetingTable.jpg

by C.L. Fornari

Recently I got an email from another GWA member who was lamenting that she wasn’t capitalizing on all available opportunities to share her work. I commiserated that we all feel like we could and should be doing more. I went on in my reply to say that one way we can do better at moving forward, is by being a part of a mastermind group.

Simply put, a mastermind group is a gathering of two or more people who share the same goals and agree to meet frequently to help each other out and spur each other on. You might band together with garden communicators who all need to update their websites or blogs. A group of photographers might form to explore new software or file sorting systems. A group of unpublished writers might unite with the goal of writing book proposals and sharing information about query letters or editorial contacts. Continue reading “Moving Yourself Forward: Garden Geeks, Communications Careers, and Masterminds”

Region VII Members Enjoy Oshawa Peony Festival

Ken Brown's front garden (2).JPG

by Lorraine Hunter

A plethora of peonies greeted Region VII members at the 12th Annual Oshawa Peony Festival on June 12. With more than 300 varieties in colors ranging from pure white to pink, yellow, coral, rose and deep red, the outdoor collection of herbaceous and Itoh hybrid peonies at the Oshawa Valley Botanical Garden was truly impressive. The indoor judged display of hundreds of cut blooms was equally as charming. Continue reading “Region VII Members Enjoy Oshawa Peony Festival”

Hunt Country Gardens & Growers Tours

Speight Group Photo

GWA members gather to begin their tour of the Ladew Topiary Gadens

by Teri Speight

Every time I think about the Hunt Country Gardens and Growers Tour, which served as the Region II Education meeting, I cannot help but smile. We started the morning off at Ladew Topiary Gardens in Monkton, Maryland. Kirk Brown did a terrific job of getting us excited about upcoming GWA events. After he finished Proven Winners treated us to some fabulous plant offerings, just the beginning of a truly memorable day.

Speight Cottage Garden (2)
Attendees were charmed by the cottage garden at Ladew Topiary Gardens

Kirk then introduced us to Barbara Barnoff, Director of Visitor Services and Volunteers at Ladew. She shared with us recent changes and exciting plans for the Butterfly House and the Meadow slated for this season. This was definitely something that was of interest to the group. We were anxious to begin our guided tour.

After a continental breakfast, we were off and running on a guided tour of Ladew Topiary Gardens. Our first stop, of course, was the garden containing the topiary figures of The Hunt. Our tour guide told us a little of the history, including how one of the topiary dogs was crushed by a visitor sitting on it! Continue reading “Hunt Country Gardens & Growers Tours”