Six Things Every Speaker Should Know

Audience Overhead.jpg

By Ann McCormick

Some people view public speaking as a cushy job – lots of perks for not much work. All you have to do is smile, talk for an hour, and bask in the applause. But a good speaker does more than show up and talk. If you are just starting out or are considering becoming a speaker, here are six things you should know. Continue reading “Six Things Every Speaker Should Know”

Getting Set to Grow: New Ideas and Tools From Canada Blooms

Bannister City of Toronto at Canada Blooms

By Andrea Bannister

With snow swirling in the bitter wind, it was a perfect day for Canadian garden writers to connect, learn, and dream of summer days at the annual GWA Region VII gathering held at Canada Blooms.  As a first-timer, I was warmed by the friendly welcome of GWA members, lush gardens and generous plant, tool, and other giveaways from sponsors (rookie mistake – I took the bus to the meeting!) Continue reading “Getting Set to Grow: New Ideas and Tools From Canada Blooms”

Holland at the Philadelphia Flower Show

Schreiber 9-IMG_3817
Attendees loved the orchid promenade, with orchids overhead and on either side.

By Denise Schreiber

Schreiber 1-IMG_3675
This custom iron gate was part of the display by Michael Petrie’s Handmade Gardens.

I always block off some time in March for the Philadelphia Flower Show. I have been going to the show for twenty-eight straight years even though I live on the other side of the state. For me it is a signal that spring is around the corner and I will soon smell the intoxicating fragrance of flowers again. A couple of friends and I always make the journey, excited to see what the new theme displays will look like, discover ideas that we can steal for home (because that is the point of these displays) and of course shop at the marketplace. Continue reading “Holland at the Philadelphia Flower Show”

Defuse Those Photobombs: 10 Tips for Photographing Gardens Full of People

Battersby 12.jpg

By Helen Battersby

You can’t always get what you want – especially if you’re a photographer in a garden packed with people. If it’s a GWA garden tour, it’s likely those people are other garden writers who want the same shots as you. But don’t fret. Defuse those photo bombs, and you might just get what you need. Continue reading “Defuse Those Photobombs: 10 Tips for Photographing Gardens Full of People”