Finding Balance as a Freelancer

Fast Fingers

By Ann McCormick

Earlier this year, a GWA member John Boggan posted the following question on Facebook. It sparked a lively discussion. The answers were filled with thoughtful suggestions that might be of benefit to our members. Continue reading “Finding Balance as a Freelancer”

Raise Your Hand if You Are a Chicken-Owning Garden Communicator

Chickens In Straw.jpg

By Peggy Riccio

Recently I attended a conference about health communication, marketing, and media in Atlanta. Although I have been a garden communicator for more than 20 years, my day job is in a communications office at a federal government public health agency. My employer had sent me to this three-day conference which focused on social marketing campaigns for public health, such as smoking cessation. As always, as I listened to the speakers I translated the messages (in my head) in terms of garden communications. One particular session, “The Power of Online Influencers,” really inspired me and changed my paradigm of garden communicators. Continue reading “Raise Your Hand if You Are a Chicken-Owning Garden Communicator”

GWA 2017: Snapshots from Buffalo

Buffalo Watkins 2017 GWA Writer pics (25).jpg
By Ann McCormick

This year’s GWA conference was a rousing success with nearly 350 attendees. The weather was fine and the natives were very friendly. A big thank you to the local arrangements committee, our leadership, and even the Hyatt Regency hotel manager who sprang for a complimentary breakfast Sunday morning. Here are some quick shots from C. L. Fornari, Teresa Watkins, Kathy Jentz, and Ann McCormick to give you just a taste of what went on. Continue reading “GWA 2017: Snapshots from Buffalo”

From Ruins to Riches in Indianapolis

Snyder Childrens Tunnel.jpg

By Carolee Snyder

A gathering of Garden Writers is always a treat, regardless of the geographical location, the season, or the weather. At the recent Region III meeting in Indianapolis long-time acquaintances smile broadly and open their arms to hug fellow writers as they enter the room. “Where have you been recently?” How’s the weather been for you?” “Are you going to Buffalo?” Continue reading “From Ruins to Riches in Indianapolis”