Second Time Attendee, First Time Speaker


By Chris Link

Back in August, I was lucky enough to be able to present at this year’s GWA Conference in Buffalo, NY. I presented about search engine optimization (SEO), sharing the stage with the brilliant and well-known boutique landscape company owner Jan Bills, who is also an expert at Facebook marketing.

This was the second GWA conference I attended, so I knew what to expect from the conference itself.

However, I had never presented before, so this was definitely a learning experience. I have to be honest, though, knowing how nice and friendly everyone is at the GWA conference helped ease my nerves about presenting. If it wasn’t for that, I don’t know if I would have agreed to present, because I would have been too nervous.

I was absolutely blown away with how many people attended our presentation! And not only that, there were so many great questions that we ran out of time to cover them all.

During the presentation, I told a story of how being a member of GWA has benefited me.  A week before the conference, Jan and I were on the phone trying to figure out how we should do our presentation. Later that night, I was working on my website and Viral Post.jpgstarted to get a bunch of notifications from our Facebook business page. As it turns out, Jan had shared a post of ours on her Facebook account which has over 300,000 followers. And that post went viral!  So over 160,000 people ended up seeing our business’s post because of Jan sharing it.

It was a big “wow” moment for me, and validated my GWA experience.

I have met many amazing people and created friendships by being a member of this great organization. These amazing GWA friends have also helped me spread the word about our new business. This is a benefit I cannot measure or replicate with anything else. This is truly the best organization I have been a part of.


Meet the AuthorChrisLink

Chris Link is the co-owner of The website sells hard to find plants directly to homeowners. You can also join Plant Addicts Anonymous which is a loyalty program that helps people save money on plants by earning points for purchases, friend referrals, birthdays and more.

Taming the Sun in Garden Photos

Diffuser held over geraniums to cast an open shadow.

By Mark Turner

Spanish Version Available

If I had my preference, and a direct line to the Sun God, I’d order “cloudy bright” or “early morning” or “approaching twilight” for every garden photography job. Soft light is flattering to most subjects, but particularly to plants and gardens. Unfortunately, I can’t control the weather. That means I’m often forced into having to work in less than ideal light. Continue reading “Taming the Sun in Garden Photos”

There are no stupid questions…

WOSU Chadwick 5-10-13 Chris Voise took crop.jpg

By Debra Knapke

Since 1997 I have been on the “hotseat” on radio shows where I’m the garden expert waiting to answer your questions. I am armed with a pen and a dwindling pad of paper that has served me for the last seven of those years. I started with Tom Wieble, host of Green Scene – WOSU 89.7 – on Friday evenings. I initially was just the plant person, but now I field questions on all-things-garden when I am on All Sides with Ann Fisher on 89.7 NPR Radio News. Continue reading “There are no stupid questions…”

A “new bee’s” fears fade one sparkly moment at a time!

Anelle poses for a selfie with Brie Gluvna Arthur. (Photo courtesy of Brie Arthur)

By Anelle Ammons

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Have you been to a conference or trade show as a newcomer, unsure how everything works, not knowing anyone there? Me too. Several times. I admit I had become quite jaded about the entire concept of going to a conference put together by an organization in which I only knew a few people. This was 100% true when I started planning a trip to #GWA2017. Fortunately, for me, my support group was smarter than me, and talked me into making the trek.

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