Top 10 GWA Member Resources – #9

CaptureEach week for 10 weeks, members of the GWA Communications Committee are sharing creative presentations about some very useful GWA resources that you may not even be aware of. You’ll be able to see these presentations on GWA’s social media channels as well as every Tuesday here on the blog. Be sure to check back each week for a glimpse of a unique take on some of the wonderful resources available to all our members.

The 9th presentation in the series is a screencast video by Katie Elzer-Peters that features another one of her favorite resources: the QT Newsletter. 

By Katie Elzer-Peters

Week 9  – On the QT Newsletter

GWA Communications Committee member Katie Elzer-Peters says, “I love the QT newsletter! It is absolutely packed with information about all kinds of subjects important to garden communicators. Of course there are the standard upcoming event listings, newly published books, and organization news, but there are also columns with valuable information about business, contracts, writing techniques, and more. There are always articles about food gardening, sustainability, and member profiles where we can get to know our fellow members better. I enjoy reading the regional news and notes to find out what everyone’s up to.”

Members may pitch articles to the editor, Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp. She recommends that interested writers take a look at the newsletter and see the categories: business, member profiles, and topics, such as food, photography, writing, marketing. Think about pitching as they would to any publication. Narrow down the story idea, write out why it would be of interest to GWA members, and give ideas about how it could be illustrated. Stories are usually in the 750-word range. Writers will also need to submit a couple-line bio and headshot photo. Deadlines are posted with the On the QT link on the GWA website.

To learn more and read the latest issue of On the QT, click here:

Meet the Author

Editor Headshot_Elzer-Peters

Katie Elzer-Peters is a writer, editor, marketer, and book packager living in Wilmington, North Carolina. She’s the owner of The Garden of Words, LLC, through which she provides “work made for hire” for businesses and individuals and, dedicated to providing tips and tools for business management for freelancers. Drop her a line at


Author: GardenComm

GardenComm, formerly known as GWA: the Association for Garden Communicators, provides leadership and opportunities for education, recognition, career development and a forum for diverse interactions for professionals in the field of gardening communication. GardenComm members includes book authors, bloggers, staff editors, syndicated columnists, free-lance writers, photographers, speakers, landscape designers, television and radio personalities, consultants, publishers, extension service agents and more. No other organization in the industry has as much contact with the buying public as GardenComm members.

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