Guerilla Marketing for Garden Writers

HeaderPhoto_previewBy Kathy Jentz

Whenever I go to a networking event with fellow solopreneurs, small business owners, or horticultural professionals, the topic of free and/or cheap marketing ideas comes up, and I ask them if they have read any of the “Guerilla Marketing” line of books.  Almost no one has – nor have they even heard of these invaluable books! So, I thought I’d tell you why you need to run out now get at least one of this series of books written by Jay Levinson. I think they will entirely change the way you do business. Continue reading “Guerilla Marketing for Garden Writers”

Being a Successful Podcast or Radio Guest

Header.pngBy C.L. Fornari

Spanish version available

In a previous post, Pitching Radio Programs and Podcasts, I gave some suggestions for proposing yourself as a guest for radio programs or podcasts. Once you’ve gotten an affirmative response, here are some tips on making the most of your time on the air. Continue reading “Being a Successful Podcast or Radio Guest”

Pitching Radio Programs and Podcasts

By C.L. Fornari

Spanish version available

There are many reasons a garden communicator might be interested in being on the radio or a podcast. You might be the author of a new book or the manufacturer of a product that you want to promote. Perhaps you’re looking to strengthen your brand as an expert in the field of gardens and gardening. Or maybe you have a great horticultural idea you’d like to share with the public. Continue reading “Pitching Radio Programs and Podcasts”

One on One with GWA Members

Veronica Sliva Photo_preview

By Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp with Veronica Sliva

JEMS: I remember the first time I met you…we were riding on the bus at a GWA meeting (I don’t remember where) and we were sharing our stories. You had just gotten married or got married not too long ago. You were so warm and fun, providing great advice. It’s one of my GWA special memories. Continue reading “One on One with GWA Members”