“What in the world have you done?”

“What in the world have you done?”

“You’ve left social media? How will people find you?”

“Aren’t you going to miss important updates from your friends and family?”

These are just a few of the questions Dee Nash and I got when we decided to walk away from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We did a social media detox, and we did it in the middle of summer, in the middle of a pandemic, at a time when people were more physically isolated than ever before.

Like most journeys, leaving was not as easy as it looked. It required some preparation to ensure success. Right away, we faced doubters who didn’t think we could abstain from social media for even a day or two and were ready to tell us so. But there were others who watched us—we like to think with a bit of longing as we walked away— and asked for updates because they, too, had considered doing the same thing.  

Now, well over 60 days from the date we originally left, we are ready to tell the story of our journey away from social media and where we go from here. Did it affect our outreach as garden communicators? Did our podcast stats go down when we no longer promoted new episodes across social media? How many people took the time to read our blog posts which were no longer also tweeted out, Instagram storied, or Facebook Lived? What do we do instead to promote our work as garden communicators? Did we go back?

And, perhaps the most important question is, should you try it too? To help you answer all those questions, sign up for GardenComm’s upcoming webinar, An Easy Approach to Sensible Social Media Presence: How to Keep Social Media Platforms from Taking Over Your Life and Business scheduled for November 5, 2020 at 7 pm EST.  Dee and I will tell the tale of our journey and how we are keeping social media from taking over our lives and still staying in business as garden communicators.

Carol Michel is an author, blogger, gardener, and podcaster. You can visit her website at caroljmichel.com or email her at carol@caroljmichel.com.
Dee Nash is an author, blogger, gardener, podcaster, and garden coach. You can visit her website at deenash.com or email her at reddirtramblings@gmail.com.

Author: GardenComm

GardenComm, formerly known as GWA: the Association for Garden Communicators, provides leadership and opportunities for education, recognition, career development and a forum for diverse interactions for professionals in the field of gardening communication. GardenComm members includes book authors, bloggers, staff editors, syndicated columnists, free-lance writers, photographers, speakers, landscape designers, television and radio personalities, consultants, publishers, extension service agents and more. No other organization in the industry has as much contact with the buying public as GardenComm members.

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