Speaker Spotlight: Michael Perry

Michael Perry, otherwise known as Mr. Plant Geek, has been a PLANT GEEK for as long as he can remember! Of course, during the “cool” teenage years, he said he desperately tried to hide it. But now, as we enjoy a golden age in horticulture, he says he “is out and proud!”

With a deep interest in horticulture that began in childhood, Michael began selling plants when he was a teenager to make pocket money. Carrying that interest into adulthood, he spent 18 years working for a premier mail order plant company in England, introducing hundreds of brand new plants into the UK marketplace, with headline grabbers such as the Egg and Chips plant and the tasty Fuchsia Berry.

Then, around four years ago on a rainy evening in New York, Michael was on the brink of going freelance and needed a title. A title that would sum up what he’s about. Mr. Plant Geek was the result!

Now his brand can be explored on the fun, yet informative website, mrplantgeek.com which provides super accessible content such as WTF Gardening, Your Ideal Plant Guide, the online ‘gardening school’ that can help any level of gardener. He’s easy to find on social media and loves sharing his plant finds with followers. “I hope to excite and inspire!” says Perry.

Michael puts a positive spin on gardening mistakes saying, “every time a planting fails, you know what not to plant there next time!” Having learned the hard way not to get too down on yourself he said the first cutting he rooted, he took home to plant and promptly stood on it. “I cried for hours!”

These days if Perry were to give any advice to new (or seasoned) gardeners, it’s that people shouldn’t get too hung up on the ‘rules’, and they should feel free to pronounce plant names however the hell you want! 

Register for Working the Plant Geek Way: An Insight into a Hortpreneur, and find out how Mr. Plant Geek works, and how he has achieved an enjoyable mixed portfolio of work! Mr Plant Geek gives us a peek behind the secret to his success, with the story behind many of the plants he’s introduced, plus he reveals his working style, how he handles social media, and the ways to keep clients happy.